Expo in China

Shanghai Frankfurt Auto parts Show - Shenzhen special exhibition

     On February 15, 2023, the 17th Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance, Testing, diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition-Shenzhen Special Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Auto Parts Exhibition-Shenzhen Special Exhibition”) in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao ‘an New Pavilion) grand opening. This is Shenzhen’s first commercial large-scale international exhibition in 2023.

    The exhibition covers an area of 220,000 square meters and welcomes 3,302 exhibitors at home and abroad, providing a professional platform for enterprises to meet face to face business. The exhibition gathers global quality business forces and jointly promotes the booming development of the automobile industry.

    The theme of the exhibition is “Technology • Innovation • trend”, which aims to deeply gather resources from all parties and comprehensively demonstrate the development direction of the automobile industry driven by technological innovation. New and old leading brands from 19 countries and regions can be seen in the exhibition, including ABT, AodeBackus, Batulu, Super Power, Chuhang Technology, Great Power, Mainland, Total Energy, Dacom, Festo Tools and other enterprises.

    In the communication with enterprises, we found that everyone has a high enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition, which also benefits from the large flow of visitors to the exhibitors. There are many consultants in front of many booths, and the number of Chinese appearance exhibitors has also increased significantly. As the economy recovers, so does the need to get our business back on track.

    Auto parts production can not be separated from the auxiliary grinding consumables, the exhibition, we also saw some abrasive abrasives enterprises. Such as Sirion, Dongsheng emery cloth, Taiyu grinding, like tripod abrasives, Sunwick and so on.

    Throughout the entire process of automobile production and late maintenance, it is not difficult to find the trace of abrasive tools, such as consolidation abrasive tools such as cutting pieces, grinding pieces; Coated abrasives such as emery cloth, sandpaper; Finishing materials such as grinding paste, polishing wax, etc.

    Specific to a link, such as in the production process of piston cylinder, diamond (or CBN) welding grinding strip will be used; When processing brake pads, diamond grinding wheel, drill, saw blade and other tools will be used; In processing all kinds of bearings, diamond (or CBN) tools will be used; In the process of metal grinding, grinding machine is an indispensable tool; In addition, polishing wax and cleaning fluid are essential in the process of polishing and cleaning automobile parts.

    With the development of technology and the change of new materials, the automobile production process will be more precise. Coupled with the mass production of new energy vehicles, more new requirements will be put forward to the abrasive abrasives industry, such as grinding efficiency, grinding high hardness parts, grinding precision, etc. This requires abrasive abrasives enterprises to follow the pace of development of the automobile industry, constantly innovate.