Grindingshow Online

Grindingshow officially launched the “Grindingshow Online” project on March 14, 2020. Mozhan online is a kind of virtual exhibition hall, it shortens the distance between merchants, as long as a mobile phone, you can participate in the exhibition anytime, anywhere.
     Grinding exhibition online collection of upper, middle and downstream industry enterprises in the field of grinding, can help enterprises open up the industry chain.
1. Time and price advantage
Offline exhibition for 3-5 days, the cost is ten thousand; Mozhan online exhibition 365 days, only a few dozen yuan a day.
2. Geographical advantage
Offline exhibition fixed time, fixed location, grinding exhibition online anytime and anywhere, with a mobile phone can participate.
3. Strong information interaction
Visitors can accurately search the target enterprise online in Mozhan, and instant messaging; Exhibitors can have more time to acquire target customers.
4. It’s informative
Grinding exhibition online is not a simple introduction to the enterprise, display products, it can also be immersive, directly “into” the factory area of the enterprise, watch the enterprise scene, but also a key to call the responsible person function.
At present, there are two versions of the online exhibition hall, Chinese and English. Later, we will add Japanese and German stations. The goal of Mozhan online is to create a never-ending exhibition.