Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Abrasive at Abrasive-Stocks Online

At Abrasive-Stocks, we have the stock of black silicon carbide in varied forms – crystals and powders that you can get delivered to your address without any delay and paying extra. We take responsibility of customs clearance and supplying in fully secure way after documentation required to complete.

Black silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistant furnace with quartz sand and petroleum coke as its main raw material. It is between corundum and diamond in hardness. It is better than corundum in mechanical strength as it is crisp and sharp.

Know About the Uses of Black Silicon Abrasive

There are different applications in which this type of powder form is used and the details are following:

  • Black Silicon Carbide is used for making grinding wheels
  • It is commonly used for sand paper
  • You can use it for the making of sand belts
  • It is an ideal source for bonded abrasive tools
  • It can be used for ceramic materials

We provide you with the details about color, basic minerals, true density, bulk density, MOHS hardness, and Micro-hardness. We provide you with detailed information about the black silicon carbide. You can also buy silicon carbide powder from us at prices that will be in your budget. Check all details, compare prices, and place your order. We have the largest stock for you and we ensure you will get delivery in fully secure way right to you address without any delay. We ensure the purity is at its best level and you will always get something best.

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