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Different types of products are required for sand blasting and different other purposes. Fused Zirconia is one of them produced from the Carbo-thermal reduction of Zircon sand – heated in an electric arc furnace at Temperature exceeding 2,600°C.

As soon as it cools, it results in coarse granular material is crushed and sized to meet the requirement specifications. It is a lower purity oxide – typically in the range of 98-99% ZrO. It is also used in re-fractories, pigments, and abrasives. With the reduced availability of Baddeleyite, fused Zirconium oxide that has become the substitute.

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Zirconia fused alumina is produced by putting rich aluminum, zirconium materials and additives in eclectic furnaces, smelting with high temperature above 2000°C,cooling down with special technology. It compacts with Barmac plastic, which has the characteristics of tenacious texture, dense structure and high strength.

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