Coated sand

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  • Coated sand

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    coated sand is a method in foundry practices and produces a casting of high precise dimensions, smooth surface, free of blow holes and devoid of casting defects.


  • Corncob

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    Corn cob powder is made from corn core, which is beige or tan.It has the advantages of uniform structure, good hardness, good toughness, good water absorption and good abrasion resistance.





  • Forsterite sand

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    A refractory raw material mainly composed of magnesium oxide and silica. Its theoretical chemical formula is 2MgO•SiO2 or:Mg2 (SiO4)



  • Fused Silica

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    Fused Silica is manufactured from silica sand, through high temperature fusion, cooling, smash and selecting.The powder is produced using fused silica lump as material.