aluminium shots

Category:Aluminum Shot
SPEC:99.9% pure Al/aluminum granules, aluminium shots
Region: China

Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

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99.9% pure Al/aluminum granules, aluminium shots

Aluminium granules/shots appearance is bright, column form or round shape

applications of Aluminum Shots that is the ideal material for cleaning and reinforcing the surface of nonferrous metal casting parts.

Made from superior grade Aluminum wires, these are highly durable and long lasting. Offered at competent rates,

we have the capability to offer them with customized specifications.


Main chemistry: Al: 99.5%   Si:0.2%  Cu:0.04%  Zn:0.04%

Density: 2.7g/ cucm

Size of aluminum granules: 0.6mm-2.5mm  (customized size)

Aluminum shot Hardness:65-125HV

type:cut wire shot and round wire shot

Pure aluminium shot/aluminium granules/aluminium pellets >99.9%

high quality, Good price
MOQ for aluminum shot/aluminum granules:1ton


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