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l  Diamond Fine Micro Powder BGDM-A


Quality diamond as raw material and proprietary shaping technology provide regular spherical-shaped crystal particle of narrow size distribution, high purity and surface cleaning ensuring particles easily dispersed and firmly held with all kind of bonds.

Specification:   0.5um-60um


Used for precision grinding wheels, precision grinding pellets, precision polishing pads for optical glass, precision grinding wheels for silicon and sapphire, precision processing tools for gem and jade.


l  Micro Powder for Diamond Wire BGDM-WD


Quality diamond as raw material and unique process produce regular crystals of narrow size distribution, high strength, low impurity, excellent dispersibility and durability.

Specification:   5um-60um


Used for cutting, grinding and polishing tools for organic brittle materials, like wire saws, gem saws, semiconductor saws, etc.

Used for rough grinding, precision grinding and polishing tools for monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, diamonds, gems, sapphires, quartz, LED sapphire substrates, LED, high-precision magnetic materials, semiconductors and other high-tech materials.

l  Diamond Micro Powder BGDM-B


Quality diamond as raw material and advanced technology provide regular crystals of high purity and standard distribution.

Specification:  0.5um-60um



Used for vitrified bond, resin bond grinding wheels and electroplated grinding products, lapping compound and lapping fluid.


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