Artificial Diamonds Powder 60000mesh

Category:Artificial Diamonds Powder
SPEC:Artificial Diamonds Powder 60000mesh
Region: China

Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package


Features of synthetic diamond
1. ion of high-quality diamond as raw material, can ensure high-quality powder
2. All products through standardized management processes, process-oriented quality testing to ensure high performance and stability of the diamond
3. Anti-static dust-free workshop production, to ensure product purity 99.9%
4. Diamond powder particle size range of uniform, crystalline high agreement, basic grains accurate, easy to produce scratches when polishing
5. Product in strict accordance with ANSI B74.20-2003 R2010 standards
Monocrystalline diamond powder
Monocrystalline diamond powder large size diamond particles as a raw material, after crushing, integer, purification, purification, separation, drying, particle size analysis, produced by technology. Monocrystalline diamond powder is yellow or off-white powder, uniform size, high strength, low impurity content.

Polycrystalline diamond powder

Polycrystalline diamond powder is using a unique method of directional blasting prepared from graphite, high detonation velocity explosive shock wave directional blasting the metal accelerated flight fly sheet, graphite sheet impact resulting polycrystalline diamond into graphite. The structure is very similar to natural diamond, formed by an unsaturated bond, having good toughness.


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