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Black silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistant furnace with quartz sand and petroleum coke as its main raw materials. It is between corundum and diamond in hardness, and it is better than corundum in mechanical strength, as it is crisp and sharp.



1.     Making Grinding wheels

2.     Making Sand paper

3.     Making Sand belts

4.     Making bonded abrasive tools

5.     As ceramic materials


Physical Index:

Color Black
Basic Mineral α-SiC
True Density 3.2g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.45-1.56g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 9.2
Microhardness HV3100-3280


Chemical Composition:

Typical Value

SiC 98.60%
Fe2O3 0.33%
F. C 0.16%


Guarantee Value

Grit Size SiC F.C Fe2O3
F12-90 >98.7% <0.2% <0.4%
F100-150 >98.5% <0.2% <0.4%
F180-220 >98.0% <0.3% <0.6%
F230-400 >97.5% <0.3% <0.6%
F500-800 >97.0% <0.4% <0.8%
F1000-1200 >96.0% <0.5% <0.8%


Size Available:

Abrasives F16-F1200, P12-2500, JIS#240-JIS#3000

Other special specifications could be supplied as required.


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