Brown garnet stone price 30-60mesh for sandblasting abrasive


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Brown garnet stone price 30-60mesh for sandblasting abrasive

Products Deion:

Our garnet is a kind of hard rock garnet (Almandine), we process the garnet abrasive according to the international  standards to meet with the requirements from different customers.
We usually process the garnet abrasive with the sizes of 12-20 mesh , 20-40 mesh ,  30-60 mesh , 24 mesh , 30 mesh , 36 mesh , 60mesh , 80 mesh , 100 mesh  , 120 mesh , etc .Which are widely used in Sandblasting , Water-jet cutting , Bonede/coated abrasive  , Water filtration and Anti-slipping material etc.

Chemical Composition (Typical – wt%)
Silica SiO2 Iron (Fe2O3+FeO) Alumina Al2O3 Magnesium MgO Calcium CaO Manganese MnO Titanium TiO2
37.2% 33.22% 20.59% 6% 2% 0.64% 0.25%
Physical Characteristic
Specific Gravity Hardness Chlorie Content Bulk Density Colour Grain Shape Melting point
4.10 g/cm3      7.5+

(moh Scale)

<25 ppm 145 lb / ft3 Reddish Pink, Reddish Brown Sub angular 1,300°C


 The usage:

  1. Free grinding and polishing.
  2. Resin abrasives.
  3. Coated abrasives.
  4. Sandblasting.
  5. Waterjet cutting.
  6. Water filtration.
  7. Stone washing.
  8. Surface preparation


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