Corn Cob 40#-60#


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Corn Cob

Corn cob is granular powder with high quality corn cobs, cream-colored or yellow-brown, is also the replacement of the past all sorts of wheat class granular powder, water cut of 5.0, crude protein, crude fiber, 5.7 5.7, the proportion of 0.3 0.35, adsorption 50-70, is a production of veterinary drugs carrier, carrier is bean cake powder and other natives. Mainly for the production of madurai, doxycycline, choline, vitamin, premix and feed additive and so on more than a dozen varieties of veterinary drugs and feed additives. It has a lower cost than other carrier, long shelf life, good liquidity, strong water imbibition, good palatability.


Metal Cleaning , Pet litter and Medium for mushroom and so on
1. Polishing: can be used to wipe, dry grinding, metal or plastic, glass and other products.
2.adsorbability, adsorption at four times its weight of the liquid, is a great development of activated carbon resources.It is used for the wet water sports venue absorption, drying, and chemical waste absorption, a large area of water surface greasy dirt cleaning.
3.The non-toxic for feed industry: vitamin, condiment carrier.
4.Chemical stability: it is a kind of good medicine, chemical carrier.
5.Corncob as animal feed.


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