Corn cob


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Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

PubDate:2018-11-03 13:56:44

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Corn cob powder is made from corn core, which is beige or tan.It has the advantages of uniform structure, good hardness, good toughness, good water absorption and good abrasion resistance. It is not easily broken in the process of use.Is the replacement of the past all sorts of wheat class granular powder, water cut of 5.0, crude protein, crude fiber, 5.7 5.7, weight is 1.28 g/cm3, adsorption 50-70, is a production of veterinary drugs carrier, carrier is bean cake powder and other natives.The quality of the veterinary medicine, which is produced by corn kernel particle powder, has been stable for more than three years, and all indicators and microbial indexes are in line with domestic and international standards, which are low cost and low cost.



1. It is applicated for mushroom cultivation, process plants, clean vegetable,etc.
2. It can be applicated for cardboard, cement board, cement brick making, it can be used to make glue .
3. It can be applicated as packaging material  manufacture.
4. It can be applicated as rubber additives, adding that the manufacture of tires can increase friction between the tire and the ground.
5. It can be applicated in the dry cleaning industry, it is treated with a fur clean and beautiful.
6. It can be applicated as feed premix, a variety of mold agents, antifungal agents, vitamins.


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