Crushed walnut shell / nut shell powder abrasives for filler

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We produced ground walnut shell grits and flours are produced for the adhesives, construction, resin, plywood, pigments, laminated veneer lumber, furniture, rubber, ceramics, dynamite, paint, cosmetics tile and livestock feed industries with mesh sizes varied from coarse walnut shell to walnut shell flour.

According to specific needs, we will produce the proper mesh sizes of walnut shell for you.

  • For non-skid and anti-slip applications, ground walnut shell is an excellent paint additive for stairs, floors, pools, decks and ramps.
  • In plastics and rubber compound manufacturing, walnut shell flour is a preferred additive.
  • In burn-out applications, walnut shell is used to porosity in ceramics.
  • In rock tumbling, walnut shell media is excellent filler for tumbling gemstones because it s a barrier between stones during the tumbling process.



Specific Gravity 1.2-1.4 Solubility Insoluble
Volumetric Weight 850kg/m3 Proportion 1.2-1.5g/cm3
Rind Puffing Rate 3% Wear Rate <=1.5%
Oil Removal Efficiency 90-95% Void Ratio 47
Charring Temperature 243℃(470°F) Bulk Density 0.8g/cm3
Back washing Strength 25m3/m2h Particle Shape Irregular
Water Flushing Pressure 0.32MPa Filtration Rate 20-26m/h
PH at 25℃ in neutral water 4-6 Oil Content 0.25%


APPLICATIONS  Non-Skid, Anti-Slip, Paint, Coatings, Burn-Out, Filtration


USED ON                      Adhesives, Construction, Resin, Plywood, Pigments, Laminated Veneer Lumber
Furniture, Rubber, Ceramics,  Dynamite, Paint, Cosmetics, Tile and Livestock Feed


INDUSTRIES               Paint and Coatings, Plastics and Rubber Compouding, Oil Drilling, Ceramics Manufacturing


WALNUT SHELL GRIT SIZES 6/10  8/12  12/20  18/40   35/60   40/100  60/200 
WALNUT SHELL FLOUR SIZES  #100   #200  #325  #400


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