First grade al2o3 price white fused alumina sand for industrial refractories

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White corundum(WA) is manufactured from Aluminia powder by crystal electro-fusion process at high termperature of over 2000C.Its hardness is a little higher and toughness is a little lower than brown corundum.It has the advantages of high purity, good sharpness, strong grinding force, less calorific value, high efficiency, good acid/alkaline corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, etc.


  1. Does not affect the color of the workpiece
  2. Sandblasting can be used in the process where iron powder residue is strictly prohibited
  3. Micro powder grade is very suitable for wet sand blasting and polishing
  4. Fast processing speed and high quality
  5. The amount of iron oxide contained is extremely low, which is suitable for sand blasting operations where iron residues are strictly prohibited
  6. Remove impurities by pickling.


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