Glass industry chromium oxide green with chromite sand


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High chromite stuffing sand is mainly made up of imported high pure chromite sand with reasonable particle size distribution, and suit for foundry industry and other refining process.


Chromite sand ,it’s main chemical composition is Cr2O3(chromic oxide), This kind of sand heating volume is stable , High thermal conductivity , sand molten metal contact , not only has a good  alkali slag resistance , not with iron oxide and other chemical reaction , and itself has the characteristics of solid phase sintering , can well prevent the penetration of molten metal , avoid sand defects , suitable for all kinds of stainless steel , Alloy steel and carbon steel gradually modeling core sand and paint .

Item Index
Cr2O3 ≥46.0%
SiO2 ≤1.0%
FeO ≤26.5%
CaO ≤0.30%
MgO ≤10.0%
Al2O3 ≤15.5%
P ≤0.003%
S ≤0.003%
Cr/Fe 1.55:1
Bulk Density 2.5-3
Color Black
PH 7-9
The amount of the acid ≤ 2 ML
Percent soil ≤0.1%
Percent Moisture ≤0.1%
The sintered 1600℃
Percentage of free acid present in the sand 0
filling density 2.6g/cm³
sintering point > 1800°C
melting temperature 2180°C


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