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Pink Fused Alumina/Chrome corundum is a kind of bayer corundum, and the production method is the same as that of white corundum.corundum, the only different composition is Chrome Oxide Application of chrome corundum:1. Surface processing: metal oxide layer, carbide black leather, metal or non-metal surface dirt and rust removal, such as removal of gravity casting mould, oxide or off-form agent of rubber mould, black spots on ceramic surface, uranium color removal, color reproduction.2. Beautification and processing: all kinds of gold, K gold ornaments and precious metal products are treated with extinction or fog surface treatment, crystal, glass, ripple, acrylic and other non-metal fog surface processing, and can make the surface of the processed products metallic luster.3. Etching and processing: etching of jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stone, seal, elegant stone, antique, marble tombstone, ceramics, wood, bamboo pieces, etc.4. Pretreatment and processing: TEFLON, PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber ROLLER, electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium plating and other pretreatment to increase surface adhesion.5. Rough edge processing: removing the rough edges of electric wood, plastic, zinc, aluminum die-casting products, electronic parts, magnetic cores, etc.6. Stress elimination processing: aerospace, national defense, precision industrial parts, rust removal, paint elimination, repair and other stress elimination processing.Chrome corundum granulated sand, fine powder packaging:25KG/ bag: one woven and one plastic, paper bag packaging.20KG/ bag: one woven plastic, paper bag packaging.1 ton/bag: ton bag packaging.Chrome corundum powder packaging:1KG/ box: in cartons.10KG/ bag: one woven plastic, paper bag packaging.20KG/ bag: one woven plastic, paper bag packaging.25KG/ bag: one woven and one plastic, paper bag packaging.1 ton/bag: ton bag packaging.Note: the packaging can be printed according to the customer~s requirements.


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