Pink Fused Alumina with low content of Chromium

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The main components of red corundum are apece-alumina, also known as chrome corundum, ruby. Now the market is mostly artificial red corundum. The major mineral composition is the solid solution of l-al2o3-cr2o3. Secondary mineral composition for a small amount of composite spinel “or excluding compound spinel), chrome oxide content is 1% ~ 30% of firebrick. Have fused cast chromium corundum brick and sintering chrome corundum brick. Usually chromium corundum brick is sintering chrome corundum brick. Alpha Al2O3 as raw materials, adding suitable amount of chromium and chromium oxide powder alumina clinker powder, forming, firing at high temperature. The sintering chrome brick just chrome oxide content is generally lower than that of fused cast chromium corundum brick. You can also use mud casting method of preparation, the alpha Al2O3 powder and chrome oxide powder mixing, add glue and organic adhesives made from thick mud, At the same time, some chrome corundum clinker is added to form brick by grouting and then burned. It can be used as inner lining of glass kiln, wire-drawing glass liquid cavity cover brick and backing of iron water pretreatment device, waste incinerator, CWS pressurized gasifier.


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