White fused alumina/white corundum 120# for wear-resistant coating

Category:Aluminum Oxide
Region: China

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White corundum(WA) is manufactured from Aluminia powder by crystal electro-fusion process at high termperature of over 2000C.Its hardness is a little higher and toughness is a little lower than brown corundum.It has the advantages of high purity, good sharpness, strong grinding force, less calorific value, high efficiency, good acid/alkaline corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, etc.

                Model: WA 8#-220#/
    Chemical compositions                      Physical properties
Items Value of specification (%)              Items Property
Al2O3           99.3              Color White
SiO2           0.14max              Bulk density 1.75-1.95g/cm3
Na2O           0.30max              Real density 3.95g/cm3 min
Fe2O3           0.06max              hardness 9


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